Glucose monitor that cares for your health with pedometer integrated

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2in1 Step
  • Measurement time: 5 seconds
  • 500 results
  • Small and handy
  • Count your steps
2in1 Step

How it works? It's easy.


Insert the test strip into 2in1. STEP meter.

2in1 Step Step 1

Check the code.

2in1 Step Step 2

Touch the drop to test strip tip and hold.

2in1 Step Step 3

The result of test will appear on screen.

2in1 Step Step 4

Data can be sent to PC

Monitoring your blood glucose has never been easier.

  • Daily walk can help people control type 2 diabetes. 2in1. STEP is your walking partner, along with built in pedometer and can help control your diabetes by counting your steps and testing your blood glucose level.
  • Accurate results in just 5 seconds.
  • Small sample volume is required and elimates any pain in your testing (0.5 μL).
  • Stores up to 500 results with date and time and provides 7-, 14-, 30-day averages.
  • Very small size to carry for testing anytime in your life.
  • No coding required. Just insert test strip in to your meter.
2in1 Step

2in1. STEP SET


  1. 2in1. STEP meter
  2. Carrying case
  3. Lancing device
  4. Lithium battery
  5. Neck strap
  6. Test strips
  7. Lancets
2in1 Step Set sketch